Weelrn helps Schools make e-learning

Social and Engaging for Students

and HandsFree for Teachers

My Students are doing their homework without even knowing it's homework

Nimrod Levit 7th Grade History Teacher 

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Our AI powered Student Generated e-learning Platform creates a sustainable, social interactive online learning environment, without adding to teachers workload 

Teachers only direct the social e-learning by specifying weekly learning goals, rather than micromanage the learning process as they would do with other e-learning platforms

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Platform Features 

Content Optimizer

AI algorithm motivating students to create and share digital learning content and assess peer creations with customized reaction buttons.

Engagement Booster

Automated Positive Feedback and Gamification designed to raise student Social Interaction, Collaboration and Online Learning Activity.

Learning Monitor

AI algorithm monitoring the learning activity and assessing student engagement and contributions keeping learners on track and the learning environment safe.