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AI powered Feed Based Learning 

Participation of Social Networks and Academic Integrity of a meaningful curriculum


Weelrn replaces textbooks with two-way conversations around videos, GIFs, emojis and tweets.


Weelrn transforms the silent classroom into a dynamic social network.

Learners are eager to go online, participate, and as a result learn.

Weelrn. Together We Learn


Our Generative AI model creates and runs Learning Cycles© tailored to subject, topic and learners.





Saving teachers time and energy 


Our Social Reflection Tool©

delivers real-time

reflection to learners on their contributions to the group learning.



Motivating Learners 

Our Discussion Analytics Tool©, analyzes feed log data and delivers Social e-Learning Performance Data© to both teachers and learners.



Real-Time data based Assessment 


  Our Feed Based Learning Solution runs on any Social Feed


Built by Teachers

Weelrn co-founders Gal Novak and David Preston have more than 50 years of international classroom teaching experience and education technology development.

"My students are doing homework without knowing it's their homework" 


Nimrod Levit,
7th Grade History Teacher. 

"Weelrn gives educators insight that helps them improve and customize their presentations, as well as homework and assignments that help students master concepts and skills. Instructors share their ideas, students respond, and Weelrn helps them all document the learning cycle. We automatically transfer the data and present it in ways everyone understands. To me this is revolutionary. It will benefit the students very much." 

Alicia Sheng, 

CS & Applied Math Student @Brandeis University

"The biggest impact was not for the high-performers or the low-performers, but the "invisible middle" — kids who attend class and do the basics but normally don't participate came out of the woodwork on Weelrn. They not only interacted with the curriculum directly, but they commented and responded to others in ways that I had not previously observed."

Tiffany Cunningham,

Science Teacher
Gifft Hill School

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