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Easy Teaching
Engaged Learners 

Weelrn provides an effective and powerful way to socially engage and teach students online.

 Humane Online Learning

We get it, Education Technology is not a substitute for human interaction - without a true connection between students and their teachers, a class feed is just a billboard for assignments.


We help teachers to be online learning community leaders and students learn socially online.  Our generative AI and feed based learning model empowers teachers to use the class feed to build and maintain an online learning relationship with their students and sustain a class online learning community. 


Our FeedBot automatically creates and shares posts on the class feed including questions and bitesize challenges on topic (Learning Cycles).


Our FeedBot collects student online engagement data and provides insights on student performance and social engagement. 


Learning Goals are set by the teacher using our Teacher Chatbot and our generative AI creates learning cycles tailored to the subject, topic and the learning group.  


We us text, image and video recognition to assess student online contributions and responds to students' contributions with personalized motivating feedback.    


Weelrn co-founders Gal Novak and David Preston have more than 50 years of international classroom teaching experience and education technology development. From Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, David and Gal have worked successfully with thousands of K12 students and teachers at every developmental stage and ability level. Gal has focused exclusively on the technology that led to Weelrn for the past several years. David developed the Open-Source Learning movement that flourished during the pandemic, and he wrote the book ACADEMY OF ONE.


Built for Teachers, by Teachers

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We Listen to Teachers 

Social Network Learning 

Weelrn is a Feedbot that incorporates Machine Learning Models that motivate students to actively participate in learning, engage in live peer collaboration and discussions, and motivate learners to share knowledge and engage in e-learning using posts and reactions on social feeds.

"My students are doing homework without knowing it's their homework" 

Nimrod Levit,
7th Grade History Teacher. 

Participated in our Pilot

"The most difficult aspect of online learning for me is connecting with the students and being able to engage the students in the content."

Stephanie Wiener

Madison WI. 

Participated in our Teacher Survey

"The most difficult aspect of online learning for me is getting students engaged and excited, building a classroom community, getting children to talk to each other."

Tilly Green,
Hayes Valley. 

Participated in our Teacher Survey

A Science Lesson with Weelrn 


Weelrn can create an online lesson tailored for you?

On any subject and any topic!

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