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AI empowering Instructors and Learners  

 to Connect and Learn together Online 

Our Social Feed-Based Learning Solution
offers Participation of Social Networks and Academic Integrity of a Meaningful Curriculum

"Weelrn provides a faster sense of community between different learners, which can contribute to their motivation, which can contribute to their sense of accountability of their own learning or how they manage their learning processes."


Renzhe Yu,

Assistant Professor,

Teachers College, Columbia University

"Weelrn gives educators insight that helps them improve and customize their presentations, as well as homework and assignments that help students master concepts and skills." 

Alicia Sheng, 

CS & Applied Math Student @Brandeis University

"The biggest impact was not for the high-performers or the low-performers, but the "invisible middle" — kids who attend class and do the basics but normally don't participate came out of the woodwork on Weelrn." 

Tiffany Cunningham,

Science Teacher

Ernest Righetti High School

Weelrn. Together We Learn


 Weelrn runs on any Social Feed


Lead by Teachers

Weelrn co-founders Gal Novak and David Preston have more than 50 years of international classroom teaching experience and education technology development.

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