Our Mission

Supporting Schools in keeping Students Socially Engaged in Online Learning.


This is our journey so far: 

It all began with the personal experience of a teacher  


Hi, I am Gal Novak the founder of WeelrnEarly on in my 10 year education career I learned that learning is a social activity and the more I get my students to collaborate and engage with one another the better.

In class it was fine. I used Collaborative Projects, Peer Assessment Assignments and Flipped Classroom Strategies. But in an online environment I was struggling with getting my students to interact with one another while I observe the learning process to assess and guide my students. 


Academic Research

In an effort to solve the online engagement problem, I dove deep into the online learning activities of teenage students, and found that teenagers, are highly engaged in learning on social media and online learning communities. By reverse engineering these communities, I developed the Collaborative e-Learning Pedagogy which is the foundation of the Weelrn e-learning platform.   


Link to research on the subject 


We have a working Prototype that we are testing with middle school students and their teachers in a school in Israel. 


We are also attending the SigmaLabs Accelerator Program, working on version 2.0 of the prototype and an extensive market research of schools and teachers in the US with the Tamid Group.          

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