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How is Weelrn different from any other e-learning platform?

- NO logins/downloads/registrations.

You don't have to download/register/login to any new software or learn anything new. Weelrn connects to your existing LMS/Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams and automates the class feed/stream via API.

- Teachers easily control the learning.

Answer 3 simple questions.

1.What Topic/concept do you want your students to be engaged with?

2.What are the 3 Guiding questions you want your students to answer?

3.Link to background on the topic?

That's it Weelrn's Feedbot will do the rest. It will create and run a learning cycle on your Class Feed and keep the students engaged with the topic you set for them.

- Automated Content Moderation keeps the learning environment (Feed) clean, discussion on topic and your students safe.

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