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AI in Education


Dec 26, 2022

We need to teach love and empathy and how to win trust

"We need to teach #love and #empathy and how to win #trust, those are things that #AI cannot do. We need to transition from training repetitive routine #robots to training creative compassionate humans."Kai-Fu Lee I found this talk with Kai-Fu Lee fascinating. Kai-Fu has some great observations on the role of AI in education and education in AI era with #chatgpt available to students.

Some quotes:

"Most education systems are teaching students to be test taking, high scoring robots…" 

"We are teaching children all the wrong things. Students will never beat AI in memorizing, conceptualizing, multiple choice, doing math equations and remembering historical facts…" 

"Education needs to be rebooted and focus on Curiosity, Critical thinking and Creativity. Education should have a bigger component of teamwork, collaboration, and communication."

Kai-Fu Lee: How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Teachers

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