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Getting to Know Teachers


Apr 26, 2022

Understanding Teachers

Wrapping up our first user research project in which we surveyed the needs and likes of teachers in online learning. More than 60 teachers from around the US responded to our online survey and 10 personal deep interviews were conducted by a team of students from the Tamid chapter of UW-Madison led by Andia Niederloh the project manager.

Here are some answers we got after asking teachers what is the most difficult aspect of online learning?

"Getting students engaged and excited, building a classroom community, getting children to talk to each other".
"Having students be passionate about the work they are doing and getting them to develop relationships with each other and the teacher"
"The feeling disconnected. It was really hard to make sure that everyone felt as if they had an even shot in the class."
"One of the most difficult aspects of learning online would be engagement, due to the lack of social interaction. Trying to get kids engaged into a lesson or curriculum can be very challenging. In the classroom, one is able to meet and establish connections. These connections form the foundation for the child to feel comfortable, become engaged, ask for help, and succeed."
"Feeling disconnected..."
"Connecting with the students and being able to engage the students in the content." 

To wrap it up, teachers were asked if they would be willing to test a solution like Weelrn and the majority of teachers were positive about it. 

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