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Aug 5, 2023


At Weelrn we believe in the ethical, responsible use of technology. As educators, we know what works for teachers and students.

We know that technology can amplify and accelerate learning. We love the creative ways that teachers and students have already begun engaging with Weelrn to express their curiosity and tell their stories.

But can AI take the place of a counselor? We have our doubts.

Yesterday, the Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest school district in the United States which serves more than half a million students, announced that, "An AI chatbot named “Ed” will be Los Angeles Unified’s newest student advisor, programmed to tell parents about their child’s grades, tests results and attendance."

While we certainly understand the need for improved IEP and IAP practices, and we're big fans of using the most advanced tools to support learning in innovative ways, we have questions and concerns about the way education technology can be hyped and abused. Remember when districts issued laptops with cameras, and then spied on students in their bedrooms?

It's important for all of us to put humanity first. Weelrn empowers everyone to make meaningful contributions in learning communities where they can explore ideas and their own potential. While we support school districts adopting AI, we think it's important to have a framework that helps people understand it.

Weelrn changes communities through understanding, and every Weelrn learning cycle begins with questions. In this case, we wonder: Does the LAUSD superintendent really understand LLMs? Do the parents? Will technology achieve goals that people in that district apparently can't?

Join the conversation. Weelrn will be hosting a series of online roundtables about the use of AI in education, and you're invited. Please email david[at]weelrn[dot]com for scheduling and login.

Together. Weelrn.

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