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Mar 16, 2023

How Weelrn is Empowering the Invisible Middle

As an online teacher, Tiffany had always been curious about how her students were engaging with the curriculum outside of class. Were they struggling to keep up? Were they bored? Were they engaged and interested? Until she started using Weelrn, she had no way of knowing.

Weelrn gave her high-achieving students an additional outlet to communicate and a creative space to express themselves. But the biggest impact was not for the high-performers or the low-performers - it was for the "invisible middle" students who attend class and do the basics but normally don't participate.

These students came out of the woodwork on Weelrn. They not only interacted with the curriculum directly, but they commented and responded to others in ways that Tiffany had not previously observed. This effect was especially pronounced because Tiffany teaches online using a system that responds to movement and sound, so normally these kids don't create any synchronous digital footprint because they're still and quiet in the back rows.

Weelrn empowered these invisible middle students by giving them a new platform for engagement. It allowed them to participate in discussions without fear of being judged or overlooked by their peers. And because Weelrn is designed as a creative space, these students felt free to express themselves in ways that might not be possible in a traditional classroom setting.

The impact of Weelrn on these invisible middle students is an important reminder of how technology can be used to level the playing field for all learners. By providing new opportunities for engagement and expression, tools like Weelrn can help teachers identify hidden talents and interests among their students - talents and interests that might otherwise go unnoticed.

As we continue to navigate an increasingly digital educational landscape, it's important that we remain mindful of how technology can be used as a tool for empowerment rather than simply another means of assessment or evaluation. With tools like Weelrn at our disposal, we have an opportunity to create more inclusive learning environments where all learners can thrive.

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