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Teacher Chatbot Launch


Dec 8, 2022

Teacher Chatbot up and running

We are proud to announce that the first version of our Teacher Chatbot is up and running available as an add-on on Google Chat.

The Chatbot is the instructor interface of our solution and it will enable teachers using Google Classroom to set learning goals for their class and according to these learning goals our Feedbot (still in development) will engage the students by posting bitesize challenges/questions on topic and Feedback on the Google Classroom Stream.

Watch the video to install the Chatbot:

If you are a teacher and you are looking for ways to engage your students online join our community and we will send you a link to test the Chatbot.

After installing if you input your learning goals we will send you a learning cycle (bitesize challenges and questions on topic) for you to use on your Classroom Stream.

In any subject and on any topic. Test us!

Contact us: or

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