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Aug 3, 2023


Image: The Opte Project, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

It's easy to forget how big the internet is. Most of us look at it through a tiny screen on a phone, tablet, or computer, where we are now mostly stuck in one Big Tech corporate lobby or another.

Weelrn is a powerful reminder of what the internet can do. We have the ability to connect and collaborate with people all over the world.

At Weelrn we practice what we preach. Last week, Weelrn co-founders Gal Novak (Tel Aviv) and David Preston (Los Angeles --> Palm Springs, CA) met with Columbia University (New York City) design students (from China) and Dan Belenky (Boston) to discuss how Weelrn can improve learning cycle development. Team members approached the ideas from different perspectives, and the result was a rich conversation that generated possibilities none of us would have created on our own.

Then, high school science teacher Tiffany Cunningham (Santa Maria, CA) shared her experiences with Weelrn in her classes both in person at Santa Maria High School, and online with students at the Gifft Hill School (U.S. Virgin Islands).

(More on our chat with Tiffany in an upcoming blog post – the way she uses Weelrn is amazing!)

When we share ideas in the Weelrn community, we're not just talking about curriculum, social media, or AI – we are getting to know each other. In the process, we're learning about different cultures, world views, and new ways to see the challenges and opportunities that face today's learners.

Join us! If you'd like to participate in the Weelrn community, please send an email message to me at: david [at] weelrn [dot] com.

Together. Weelrn.

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