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What Weelrn'd


Sept 6, 2023

Weelrn is proud to announce that our most recent development team presented to rave reviews at Columbia University's Teacher College. Congratulations to Xinchang Liu and Xiaoying Lin for their excellent work on refining Weelrn's learning cycles.

In the words of their professor, Renzhe Yu: "Weelrn provides a faster sense of community between different learners, which can contribute to their motivation, which can contribute to their sense of accountability of their own learning or how they manage their learning processes. Thank you for sponsoring this project. Students take courses inside of the ivory tower, but it's good to also work with people who are actually doing things."

Weelrn is excited to share our work with learners, educators, and organizational leaders who are expanding their understanding of AI and accelerating their community's learning in the process.

Together. Weelrn.

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